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If you are resident outside the European Union, you are entitled to VAT refund on your purchases:


Get your invoice and your tax-free documents Stamp your documents at Customs Cash your tax-free documents or obtain refund by credit card
Normal rate: 21%
Reduced rate: 10%
Super-reduced rate: 4%
Minimum Purchase: 90,15€
The tourist has three months to stamp
the tax-free document
before leaving the European Union
Cash your tax-free documents at our refund points
or obtain reimbursement by credit card.
You have 5 years from the date of purchase
to collect your tax free refund


City Cash Program

City Cash Tax-Free is the name of the system created by innova taxfree group that allows tourists to get a refund of the tax for their purchases in advance.

In order to guarantee that tourists complete the tax-free process after the cash refund is made by City Cash, the credit card of the client is taken as an assurance, making a 30-day pre-authorization that functions as a period to receive the TAX refund in advance.

During this time, tourists must send by mail the Tax Free check sealed by customs to the innova taxfree group offices. If tourists don’t send the required document within the indicated time, 100% of the corresponding tax will be charge to their credit cards.

Innova taxfree cancels the pre-authorization when receiving the sealed documents.

Check your Tax-Free Refund Point here.


Refund Options:

Cash Refund

Tourists must get the tax-free forms sealed at the airport, port or border and then go to any of the refund spots of innova taxfree group.

The form must be legible filled with the required details (name, last name, passport number, country of residency, e-mail).

Refund in the credit card

Tourist must:

  • Send the sealed form to innova taxfree, in the prepaid envelope given at the shop.
  • Indicate in the tax-free form the number of the credit card in which the refund is to be received. The form must be legible filled with the required details (name, last name. passport number, country of residency, e-mail).

Refund in advance

Tourists may request the tax refund in the shop they buy, at the moment of the purchase. This operation is called “refund in advance”.